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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chicken Wings Meeting Post-run Hunger

4.8 miles

total: 4.8 miles

Wind: S at 17 mph
Humidity: 41%
course: Illinois Prairie Path

My first run since Thursday, since suffering a not quite gone cold. I felt better than expected, though I'll know better tomorrow how well I recover.My appetite has returned (I'm munching my way through around a 1/2 lb of chicken wings picked up at Jewel as I write), which hopefully portends good things for the rest of the running week.

Lee, Rich, and Linda made the weekly gallop a fine ride. A little warm a little buggy, but, as Lee would say, "a fine time was had by all."

As time goes, I don't know. Around 42 minutes. Forgot to turn my watch off. It is 1:56:10 since we started.

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