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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jello-O Brand Arms and a Tuba Playing "Dueling Banjos" 5.01 Miles in Year's Longest Run

5.01 miles
1.02 miles warmdown walk

total: 6.03 miles

A fib? It really is the year's longest run. First run of 2010.

Where did the week go? A day here, a day there, and now, a week. Bad planning. Lack of focus.

Today, I moderately made up and have the dull ache to prove it. Today was my longest run since November 11 (5.00 miles), or September 19 (5.50 miles), depending how you look at these kinds of things. The usual arm weights, plus leg press and leg curl. In all, a good workout.

I ran a notch slower to keep my pulse in check. I need to remember the principles involving fat loss. I can't say I understand it, but I know that my pulse needs to be near 160, not 180, to burn the preciously abundant lipids.

I looked it up. Jell-O is not an anatomical term. Just the same, my arms are Jell-O. No lift, umph or energy. Typing this post is not small thing.

I intended to post a Jello-O commercial with Bill Cosby, but caught this version of dueling banjos with tuba and an organ.

Theatre Organ & Tuba: Dueling Banjos

Jell-O Gelatin Dessert, Berry Blue, 3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24)

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