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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not That Far North (But It Feels that Way) - 3 Miles in Hot Gym on Cold Day

3.0 miles run
0.50 miles walk warm down

total: 3.50 miles
course: treadmill at resort in Lake Geneva

Do you remember Bob & Doug McKenzie's Take Off? That's about two guys in Canada. This isn't that far north. Just Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It feels north. It was 2 degrees yesterday when I arrived for a church retreat.

Ran three miles. Not as slow as usual. Started at 9:30s, but spiked it the last mile some. My pulse was fine, never getting above 160, and dropped quickly after I stopped. A sign of moving toward fitness. I ran on a sour stomach, and am happy all was of no consequence.

As pulses go, I was pleased to step on the machine at 60 bpm. A prescription I had been taking has weird side effects, one of which wigged how my heart feels. It raced, or felt like it was racing. Sapped my energy -- particularly as it hit my ability to sleep. Off of that nasty stuff now, trying something different, but I was glad to see my resting pulse rate, after walking, was somewhat low.

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