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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mickey Ds and Me: Supersizing a Great Workout - 6 Miles

6.13 miles run
1.07 miles hard walk warmdown

total: 7.20 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

Might not look like much, but as of today I have run more miles in a seven-day period since September 13 when I completed 22.81 miles over the week. In July, August, and part of September, I had a decent string of workouts.

My goal -- my immediate goal -- is to keep plugging away, and stay healthy. While I would love to zero in on 45 miles/week, if I have only 25 miles/week through February, I will be eons ahead of last year.

I felt easy and good during my run. Keeping the pace slower helps, but so does the fact that I have been getting in there almost every other day.

Having just burned some 770+ calories, plus the amount burnt through weights, I hit McDonalds and sucked them all right back in. You are looking there at the McRib without pickles or onions, a burger without pickles, fries, ketchup, and a medium Coke.

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