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Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm a #4: Weight Training and 6.0 Miles

0.75 miles run - warmup (8:57/mile pace)
weight training
5.25 miles run (9:13/mile pace)
1.0 miles hardwalk warmdown
weight workout

total: 7.0 miles

Matt Gallagher at Cardinal, through his company, Complete Conditioning trained me today on weights. Good guy, good experience. Knows his stuff, and knows what I'm looking to know. One hour with him, and I have a good idea what I need to do.

My priority is to run faster. With this, there are lots of things to focus on, and other things to ignore. I'm built like a runner, not a weightlifter, and have no real knowledge about weights.

I ran slow again just to burn fat. With the weights waiting after my run, I am thankful I had some energy left.

Now, I'm tanked. Outta gas. Tomorrow, I expect to feel it even more. My next run should be Sunday, and I will lift weights again Monday or Tuesday.

Matt tells me, as have some others, that I'm looking at six weeks before I see real results. This would bring me into mid-February. Not too bad. Sticking with it is my goal. I'm not a fan of weights, but trust they will help.

Oh, about being a number 4? Right. I am. No, no, that's not my Chinese fortune cookie message, or an inspection notice found in my new jeans. It is the height of the chair on the Life Fitness machines. Sometimes a little higher or lower, but a 4 is where I start.

The lemonade I made after working out was delicious.

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