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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poking Through Four Miles in Midwinter Gloom As I Burn Off Lethargy

4.0 miles run 
1.1 miles walk warmdown

total: 5.1 miles 
course: Cardinal Fitness GE

It is gloomy out there. Rain all night, all day, on and off, melting the resident snow, revealing the groans of winter and gray grass, part dead, part dormant. No sun. It is overcast in a way that would depress a hermit.

Then, and before this really, I am tired. My neighbor woke me in a furious, profane-riddled rage, dropping a few terms only taxi drivers appropriate. Maybe sailors too. Sounds to me like something really bothered him; I don't want to be insensitive to that. At any rate, he woke me. I'll deal with that later, though I'm not sure how.

And I'm also tired because of yesterday's long run. The 13-miles over two days is the most since I did just under 16 miles over two days in September. Certain;y sluggish. That's OK. I'm burning off lethargy.

A change in plans looks likely, too. The plan was to run the Illinois Marathon Half Marathon May 1. Instead, there is a strong chance I'll run the Palos Bank Half Marathon May 2. Either qualifies me for a better Chicago Marathon corral - both are USATF certified.

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