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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listening to George Sheehan, For a Change

Some runs are needed more than others. Monday was a hard day, so Tuesdays run will help purge the gunk.

The day was not so extraordinary. My car didn't catch a flat. Bad news didn't bark down from a supervisor.

Saturday I ran long, and Sunday was shorter. Monday, a rest day, was a good thing. Not only did I need the rest, but I felt bad all day. Headachy and nonergetic. And a potential project seemed to fall through. Quite likely two projects. The third project is still waiting to be negotiated. The job hunt seems nil. And a friend, out of the blue, let me know my way of doing something bothered him, and I entirely missed why. Another friend delivered disappointing news.

Meanwhile, I am mumbling to myself about what I should do next as a writer. Two friends just published their next books. This always hits me hard.

So I face the dilemma. The runner's dilemma. Or, at least, this runner's dilemma. Tuesday's dilemma will be to let the run clear my head. It is 4:13 am, and this all swirls around me. That's why I am posting on my running blog, not my personal one.

I'll sleep in tomorrow. Miss my 6:15 get together with a bunch of guys to talk and pray. I'll wake up, toss down a gulp of coffee, check my e-mail and think about running. Tuesday is a long run.

January's miles are not much by JSRC standard's. There, guys (and gals), run with great diligence. The things I go through - injury (my constant knee and back troubles whenever I move miles too fast), job loss, time, sickness. Somehow, they press through it. There was a day when I could ignore the life around me to run, but now, I, older, I cannot. Part wisdom, I hope. Wha was once was obsession is now a challenge. Partly, I'm not 20. That's where this wholr endeavor began.

This January, I am on track to log over 92 exercise miles, 83 of which I ran. That will be the most I have run in January (or any winter month, I think), since the 1980s. That may not equal the 75+/week some JSCRers run, but I know it is very good for me.

Tueday's run has all this in the mix. I'll go to my usual treadmill, tune in Running Playlist A, and run. If I last eight miles, then good.

What's a run? George Sheehan used to say the first 20 minutes are for the body, the next 20 are for the mind, and the next 20 are for the soul. I think right now, I agree.

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