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Monday, January 4, 2010

Chickadees and Hulks: 4.25 Miles on a Monday

4.25 miles
0.67 miles warmdown
weights - arms, abs

total: 4.92 miles

Vaguely ahead of last year's working out -- this point last year I was in worse shape. That's not saying much as I let things go so much in 2009.

2010 is here. So are hopes of running a marathon. Running one is 'easy' enough, but the desire is to run one well. That's another problem all together.

While I would like to say I am running comfortably 35 miles a week @ 8:00/mile. I cannot. I can say, at least today, I ran smart, despite the need to humble myself. What's that? Yeah. Ego is something I have an abundance of. I need to keep my pulse down to burn fat, even if it means going slower than the two 20-something chickadees flying by on my right and left. It also means lifting only a few lbs when I see huge guys lifting massive amounts. I'm not a big guy. I'm short and, as they say, built like a runner. No matter how strong I get, benching hundreds of pounds will never happen.

Today's run was good. Ran a 9:31/mile pace, picking it up the last 0.50 or so. I left off leg weights as mine ache still. I'll use less weight next time. Added a new ab machine - I use two now. The trainer still has not called, so I'm wandering from machine to machine. Better than nothing.

This does not include the phrase "My little chickadee," as I hoped, but it is fun. WC Fields.

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