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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chug, Chug, Huff, Huff: Six Plugger Miles

6 miles LSD (9:31/mile)
0.69 slow jog, strong walk

total: 6.69 miles
course: COD treadmill

Rich Flansburg dropped me an e-mail about my recollection of what I considered an LSD workout. It wasn't the distance at issue, or even the speed. That's relative. What he called me on was the pick-ups at the end. He's right.

It's not the terming of LSD that matters, but he understood what I was trying to accomplish wasn't most effectively done that way. I'm still building base, and long slow miles, aka LSD, are a great way.

So, in relating this preamble to this morning's workout, I ran 'real' LSD. Six miles at 9:31, pleasantly paced by a high-end LifeFitness Treadmill. I was talking the entire way (wasn't that Arthur Lydiard's thing?). I finished with another small bit in a very quick walk/slow jog (13:15-15:00/mile).

Details about a mundane workout are hard to find. No hyperboles that would make George Sheehan proud can be found. It was six easy miles, staring out a window facing a parking lot. I barely got tired. My pulse remained under 170 and was mostly around 150-155. My weight dropped from 135.0 to 133.6 over the hour.

After all that, 25x each side @ 60 lbs on this twisting stomach machine they have.

By the way, if any of you know how I can get that treadmill to go longer than 60 minutes, drop me a note or post to this blog. Stopping and restarting it is going to be a pain, and my longer runs are getting close to an hour.

Who is Rich? See his website below to find out he's a top-notch marketing guy. Beyond that, he's a dynamite runner who has been with the Jim Spivey Running Club for many years, and a great encouragement to those of us newer to running and the club.

121 Marketing Resources, Inc.
1541 E. Harrison Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187

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