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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Brisk It Was, But Then I Ran - 8 Miles Going Nowhere

8.02 miles run
1.16 miles wd

total: 9.18 miles

Shuddered through the mighty brisk cold from the parking lot to the door, and hit the rolling, stationery sidewalk.

Once again, a fairly easy 6.3 mph/9:31 mile pace for a couple miles, then a little faster. Since the machine only goes to 60:00, I restarted it after four miles.

Minor pickups -- just :15-:20 quicker here and there, with a strong finish just under 6:30.

My goal was met: just throw down the miles. I need to add a stronger base, and this means more miles more days. How fast I went today did not matter. I wasn't feel great, and this made it a longer run than intended.

Saw Crystal who travels from LaGrange to meet class requirements, and a woman who lives as a snowbird.


David Dane said...

Tell us the truth, you miss the bugs and skunks. You miss the heat of the day. There's nothing like sucking down a bug once in a while when it logdes into the throat. You just can't get that running on a stationary sidewalk.

Resilient Hawk said...

You are referring to the motorcyclist's smile, all flies and wayward beetles, now the unpleasant meal of the rider, or runner.

Miss it? Sure, like a cat misses a fur ball.