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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walkin' on Sunshine? Running Like the Wind?

6.5 miles graduating pace
0.66 miles wd, slow jog

total: 7.16 miles, 66:30
course: COD treadmill

"Just another day..." begins the old Paul McCartney song. Such it was tonight, and so it will be for so many more.

I started at a slow 9:31, and with each mile up to 5.0, sped the treadmill up 0.1 mph. At 5.0, I added 0.1 mph each 0.25 mile. At 6.0, I added speed aggressively, finishing at a 6:39/mile pace. At no time did I lose control of my form or pace. My pulse was at 180 before my warmdown began.

It felt great throughout.

Another day, though, it was not. We are under snow advisory here. Had I not lived as close as I do to COD, I might have skipped this evening. The temptation was certainly there. For most, that's the choice they made. I all but had the gym to myself, listening to Katrina and the Waves sing "Walkin' on Sunshine," on an 80s CD that repeated three times.

I'm starting to feel good.

Tonight, like last night, released the stress of a new work-a-day lifestyle. Snow and 294 made for angry enemies this evening, adding :45 to my commute home. My day was fine, if I don't count my security card troubles, but the commute is nerve-jangling. A good run kicks out some very happy and welcome endorphins, and I feel fine. Clears it all out like lemonade does heat in summer.

A quick meal of ravioli and hot dogs, though lacking nutrition as far as vitamins and minerals go, delivered some protein and carbs, ensuring a swift recovery. Already, it seems like I'm rested, just :51 minutes after finishing.

Met Ron tonight, filling in for Janine. He tells me he helped get the gym started, and is retired now. We didn't talk long, but I am thankful for his good work.

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