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Thursday, December 27, 2007

It Was a Dark and a (Not So) Stormy Night

5 miles - 45 minutes, varied pace
total: 5 miles

course: roads of Wheaton
weather: 32 degrees

The Todds were there, Todd Busteed and Moxley (each quite speedy). Rudy, Mike, Lee, Paul, and Jeff who is coming a back injury unrelated to running. Jim stopped by to deliver Asics stuff. Got my new socks, and will report on them soon.

Lee, Jeff and myself ran together, doing occasional pick-ups for a few minutes. Margaret joined us briefly, until concurring with her hurting hip that running was a less than best idea.

Cool, but warm enough to sweat. I was not feeling on top of my game, but, as Lee so well reminded me, far better off than this time last year. After all, my serious running started May 3, 2007. A year has to pass.

Then, off to dine in a bar/restaurant in Glen Ellyn. Sherri, Lee's wife, and Meg, Paul's wife, and Margaret all joined us.

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