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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lovely Weather for a (Run) Together with You (Giddy-up, Let's Go)

2 mile wu (9:23/mile)
4 mile run (9:09/mile)
0.65 wd

total: 6.65 miles
course: COD treadmill

Weather was OK, but sloppy, thanks to melted snow. As much as I want to be outside, the Prairie Path might not make a good trail. One slip, and viola! A twisted ankle. No thanks.

However, inside, it was humid. I started with a 9:23 pace for two miles. I picked up a little at a time, even with a 150 meters or so at 5:00/mile pace, which, naturally, I couldn't handle.

Saw Richard Jarman on the way out, and chatted quickly of running on an indoor track. Talked with Dana G., the lab moderator, about her hopes to run a half marathon. A long way, but she is seriously considering it. Caught Bill Anderson too, on the way out, who explained he has a treadmill at home, but prefers to camaraderie of seeing friends at the lab.

Now, time to Christmas shop, eat some breakfast, and gear up for Margaret's (from the running club) party.

1 comment:

David Dane said...

Ok, you may face some black ice on the prarie path, but I heard that at this time of year the prarie path is a bug free zone. There is no hazzard in sucking down a large flying beatle at this time of the year. So it's a trade off there.