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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slowly Hyperactive in 7.0 mile-run

Hyperactive!7.00 miles (64:36 - 9:13/mile)
0.50 miles (7:30 - 15:00/mile) 

total: 7.50
course: home treadmill

I mentioned here about the beauty and wonder of a long solo Saturday run in a prairie trail. I wrote that night with hopes of doing exactly that this morning. Didn't happen. A half hour after publishing the article I was asleep. I posted it at 5:46 pm, and by 6:15 Friday night, I was gone. Felt nauseous, headachy, with no particularly cause. And I slept. And slept.

At a few minutes after 8:00 am this morning, I woke up. Do the math -- I got some serious shut eye. No early morning run. Too much to do in the late morning.

So the day went on. Off to the outlet mall to pick up some clothes, and then, this afternoon's run. Would I feel better? Yes. Completely.

As my mileage for the day would be the highest since January, I needed to not get stupid about speed. Better I run longer and slower than faster and shorter.

The tune du jour? Thomas Dolby's Hyperactive!

Off now I am to my high school's 25th year reunion at a bar in Crestwood, IL. With the new clothes, a good night's rest, and a nice run, I might not feel as old as I am.

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