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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Wanna Be The Sign Guy - 5.25 Comfortable Miles

Bank of America Chicago Marathon
5.25 miles run (44:40 - 8:30/mile) 
0.50 miles walk (7:50 - 15:00/mile)

6.00 miles walk earlier in the day 

total: 11.75 miles
course: Streets of Chicago, home treadmill

I want to be the guy in the sign tomorrow. I really do. Instead, I'll be carrying the togs of another runner who made, and stuck by, the decision to race. I don't get to be the guy in the sign because I did not do the job to get there.

Today, during a six mile walk around Chicago's Loop, I saw runners, I saw signs like you see here, and I smelled desire. Hundreds of people passed me who know the runner's dilemma. They understand what running is, and they followed through.

In the strictest sense, the Chicago walk was no workout, but calories were burned and so fitness is now six miles closer. Tonight's run, however, was a smooth, easy gallop, yet faster than I have run in a while.

Up early tomorrow to catch a ride with my marathoning friend. She's aiming for a sub-4 hour race -- she needs that to qualify for the 2011 Boston Marathon.

Did you catch my most recent Red Bandana column? High School Students at Chicago Marathon and a 2011 Challenge What's the challenge? Hint: It involves beer.

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