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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinking About Carrots - 5 Miles

KONG Feather Top Carrot Catnip Toy, Cat Toy, Orange5.00 miles (44:45 - 8:57/mile)
0.501 miles (7:30/mile)

total: 5.501 miles
course: home treadmill
I was hungry before I ran. Maybe that helped me feel lighter? At any rate, it was a good run.

I thought about my old college friend Kipp Trummel, my age, trying to run a PR of sorts in a 5K this Saturday. He's setting 21:30 as his goal, five seconds ahead of my own middle-aged PR. Kipp doesn't need my time as carrot. He didn't know it when he decided his time, and he has enough drive to get it done. If his fitness is there, his will is strong enough.

What about your goals?

Note: Kipp ran a 21:33, 68 seconds ahead of his previous best. Well-done old man!

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