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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gag Me With A Spoon: Reeking Woman on Treadmill One - 3.6 miles

Fake Barf3.60 miles (including 26:29/5K - 8:33/mile)
0.75 miles walk

total: 4.35 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

Not long ago, I complained of old lady perfume. Today, a woman with the worst BO I have ever endured. And, she had gas. Bad. It was a toxic cocktail that caused me to briefly gag.

I chose the treadmill next to her because she looked like she intended to run for awhile. Preferably, I don't wind up to a machine in which walkers rotate in and out every mile, chattering all the time. I am a crabby, unsociable guy, you see. Good decision, I thought. I don't mind, really, that walkers are using the place, and am impressed when I see some regularly. Just a preference, that's all.

The reeking stench was more than I could handle, but the other treadmills were taken. My response was to run at the farthest part on the machine as I could. In this case, in the back, far right.

It just so happened that I decided I wanted, or needed, a time check. 5K season is approaching, and I wanted an idea of where I was. My workout as a result would be shorter.

The 5K part: Half mile warm up. I started faster than I could handle at 7:30 for the first mile. Dropped it to 9:31 for the nest mile. Popped it up to 8:00 for most of the rest, though I went somewhat faster the last 0.15 or so for fun.

I'm faster than a 26:39. I'll try again soon, but use a wiser pace.

You children of the 80s will know this one:

Frank Zappa - Valley Girl

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