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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slow Poking 5.5 Miles

5.50 miles
1.25 miles walk with incline
total: 6.75 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

Pulse still high even though I had a decent sleep last night. Just the same, a decent gallop. So far, this is a much better month than last April. Looks very similar to April 2008, though my runs were generally faster then. So much depends on plunking my feet to the road and adding in the long runs.

I still need longer runs. Today's run is not that. A good workout, but what I need are 8-12 milers at least every two weeks. Once I get running outside, this will happen, but Chicago weather being fickle, and me hating the cold, haven't gotten the job done. 80 degrees, then low 30s, then mid-70s. With heavy rain in the middle. That was last week.

So there's my immediate goal: longer runs.

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