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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weight Watching? Not So Much. 6.0 Miles

6.00 miles run
1.25 miles hard walk warm down

total: 7.25 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

Longest run since January. Most miles in seven-day stretch since January as well. If I run tomorrow, that seven-day stretch will be something over 30 miles, meaning the most since August. We'll see tomorrow. More important is the regularity.

Ran 9:22s. Not especially fast, but faster than I had been going for my recent five milers. I'll hold it there a little while, then nick it to 9:13s.

My pulse was higher than I expected - as high as 187. Rotten sleep last night -- just 4.5 hours. It takes its toll. I also didn't eat before running, and it was close to noon when I got started. The good news is that both concerns are easily resolved.

My weight's unchanged, hovering round 137. It will drop with consistency.

The song of the day? The Numa Numa song, as I describe here in my personal blog.

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