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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stinking Woman at Cardinal Fitness - 3.0 Miles

Royal Vinolia Perfume Advert Lady Old Print 19113.00 miles run
0.30 miles walk warm down

total: 3.30 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness Glen Ellyn

Why the old lady perfume picture on the left? Ladies, if you go to a gym, don't wear perfume. Such was not the decision of a woman who came in to walk a mile. I had to change treadmills because the stink was so awful. 

The staff at Cardinal were no help. I asked if they could quietly put up a sign, Rather than sympathize, she rejected my comment to tell me she'd rather BO over perfume. I'm guessing she isn't a runner, and hopefully, not working any time I am there.

So I'm torqued. Cardinal is a great place to workout. This lady does not typify the great staff there. Maybe I'll post something on their Facebook page.

I ran just three miles. My layoff, both before, and most recently, is due to some medication I'm on which causes, among other things, lethargy and insomnia. I'm running on maybe five hours a night, and not all of those are good. Running has not been a priority, nor an option.

I've lost significant fitness. My cardio-vascular system is not happy. My pulse was at least as high as 200 when I ran quicker for 0.15 miles. By quicker, I just mean 7:03/mile pace.

Today was the first official day returning to the track with the Jim Spivey Running Club. Obviously, I wasn't there.


Faey said...

I agree with you 100%. No perfume at gyms please. Should be mandatory! :-)

There's enough different scent going around already, no need to mask on more.

Your title got me and my fiance laughing so hard...

I could understand your frustration with the odor. My sense of smell is so sharp, I can smell cigarette from *miles* away. And jogging along an unbearable odor is challenging.

I'm glad you move to a new tread and still got your workout in! :-)

Hardy Tinkle said...

Better than the high protein diet fart mines I lay in my wake all over cardinal fitness, gyms stink, run outside if you dont like it, preferably in traffic.