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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Treading In(stead of) Water - 6.50 miles

6.5 miles run (61:56 - 9:31/mile)
1.30 miles hard walk

total: 7.80 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

Rainy morning here in Wheaton, IL.

Slowed it back down as I wanted to put in the miles without a major recovery issue. Tomorrow, as it is Easter, I might not have time to get out.

Took yesterday off. While I wanted to complete the last seven days with a run, my body said otherwise. Having run five of the seven days, I am pleased, but it is the next several weeks in succession I am concerned with. Run one good week, and what have I got? I'd rather run 20 mediocre weeks in a row.

Either way, for the last seven days including today, my mileage is 27.86 miles, the most since finishing 30.72 on August 26. That August I ran over 98 miles.

Busy day. Tonight, a family from Burkina Faso -- friends from church -- are coming by for dinner. A family of seven in our tiny abode. I'll grill chicken and we will introduce them to Easter egg coloring. This means I ran early, will hit the shower, swig some breakfast and coffee and begin to clean.

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