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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Tofu Cometh

Monday Check-in

136.0 lbs. (down)
52 - Pulse (same)

My weight continues to slip down ahead of schedule. Today, I'm 1.68 lbs ahead of the game. I'm where I want to be on October 14. That's encouraging because my miles are down and I ate lots of tasty, greasy food. Losing weight is more than a few extra laps around the yard, or eating nothing but granola.

Just the same, the extra laps are helping both in the immediate calorie department and in the building of strength which in turn is burning calories even when I'm less active.

A new thing on the diet, or, rather, will be, is tofu. I might hate it, but I picked some up hoping to replace some of meat eating. I love red meat, and doubt I'll retire the grill, but this will reduce some of the fats and other naughty foods.

On the running side of things, the week was a mix of long miles or nothing. Two relaxed long runs and one hard track workout. Miles piled on. My long runs will remain to unfocused on purpose. My goal is to gain a base, but to remain healthy. When the serious training begins, I need to have all basics covered: weight optimal, knees sturdy, Achilles strong, and aerobic strength deep. Everything the next couple of months is setting up for that.

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