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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haile Gebrselassie and Donut Dave

Is there a new running convert online? Millions, I hope, are newly entranced after watching Haile Gebrselassie win the 2009 Berlin Marathon. No world record this year, but still an amazing gallop.

I am a big fan of Haile, but I am as big of a fan of local runner.

One guy a little slower than Ethiopia's marathon phenom, and a little closer to home is old friend David Dane. Always opinionated, and completely passionate about life, he's been chasing weight loss for a couple of years. He's done pretty well, but lately, has seen some weight gain. He is still under his old weight of 250 lbs, but presently at 190, with 30 lbs yet to lose.

Dave's found himself in a quandary. Food tastes good. Pastries, good burgers, a cold beer -- all are delicious, but all are calorie hogs. Through sheer discipline, he has fought off most of these beasts, but occasionally gets hit with a sucker punch by the dreaded donut monster.

Recently, he's flirted with running. He and I have walked a little, but his knees have argued with him when it came time to pick it up. He avoided it, then ran a mile here and there without much in the results column. As you might expect, running felt discouraging, especially as he remembers the days of yore when running was graceful. I understand completely that feeling.

Just the other day, he enjoyed a good four mile run. He clipped a 51:37 (12:54/mile), or a 47:37 (11:54/mile) if accounting for the roughly four minutes lost at the street light. Well done, Mr. Dane.

Readers of this blog who know the struggle of trying to lose a pound or two, why not drop by David's blog? Comment and encourage him. Mostly, he writes about the process of staring his weight in the eye and telling it who's boss. He sometimes delves into politics, but 98% of his posts are pure struggle. He is an every day trying to make it out alive. Just like me.

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