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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Pre-Dinner Run With Andre - 5.25 Miles

5.25 miles run
1.05 miles hard walk

total: 6.35 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

A fine run. Stiff legs and all. Nothing too fast. The stiff legs assured they would have none of this. First three-day stretch of running since late August last year.

BBQ chicken is on the grill. I thought about this the entire run.  I still am.

My warm down music was Andres Segovia. Not the piece below, but if this guy touched a string, even a warm, wet string found in the mud, it would sound melodic. Classical guitar extraordinaire.

The sunset view is tonight, looking, obviously, westward, on Roosevelt/Rt 38, roughly at Park Ave. in Glen Ellyn.

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