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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow? 4.25 Miles Watching It from the Inside

4.25 miles run
0.75 miles hard walk warm down

total: 5.00 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

Silence ScreamsLate last night, as I looked at the day's schedule, I realized things will be tight. An old friend is coming up from central Illinois to see Rez Band, a 1970-80s Christian rock band. We'll have lunch, hang up, and head up to JPUSA where the concert is being held. So I thought, "How it is from here to (around a variety of streets nearby)? I need to run outside." After all, my Facebook page is filled with local runner friends bragging up how they caught some rays while running outdoors. Mid-60s all last week, so it made sense.

Then I woke up. To snow. All over. Still coming down. Back to the gym.
A decent run. Started a little faster than I had been, at 9:31/mile instead of 9:40, and nicked it up some in the last mile. All pretty slow, all said, but it felt good.

I don't know what happens physiologically when people start running. What I mean it, what is the body's first reaction? Is my sweat different than a seasoned runner who otherwise is my size and eats the same? What about the heart, the other organs? I realize there are ordinary fitness things improving, like a more efficient heart, but what about blood vessels? Etc.

None of which matters. It does matter, but my job, as it were, is to run. My body knows what to do and does not need to include me in on the discussion.

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