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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Which Lock is Mine? Unlocking 3.86 Miles

3.86 miles run
1.00 miles hardwalk warmdown

total: 4.86 miles

course: Cardinal Fitness, Wheaton

A relaxed run. This Cardinal Fitness did not have the iPod plug-in. The treadmills were fine enough, but I like this feature.

Met Dan, an RV dealership owner after I thought his locker was mine. Same Masterlock. Why doesn't my combination work? Aha! Because it is not my Masterlock. Mine was a few to the left.

It was nice to be done with my run by 9:15 am. The day was in front of me without the gnaw to run, or the guilt because I made an excuse not to run. I had been sick for over a week, but the last two days were negotiable. I wimped out. Not today.

Legs are tired. Hopefully, again on Saturday.

The tune of the moment:
Mozart - Requiem - Confutatis - 7 - 05-12 218th anniversary of Mozart's death

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