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Monday, December 21, 2009

Twisting (No Shouting) in 4.25 Miles

4.25 miles (38:00 - 8:56/mile)
1.00 miles warmdown walk

total: 5.25 miles
course: Cardinal GE

I ache today. This is good. Might be because of doing weights. I'm so new to weights that it is presumptuous to even say I'm doing them. I'm trying to stick with them this time. I have no races coming up soon and plenty of time. No excuses. Did some arm work and a stomach machine that has has me twisting.

The run was an even-steven 8:56/57 pace. Felt good, stuck to my plan to not add too many miles too quickly, but notch it forward just a tad.

Workouts like today have me itching to get back at it tomorrow. No can do. Or, rather, I can do, but shouldn't. Wednesday's the next delve into action.

Met a guy working at the desk at Cardinal Fitness who is heading to the Middle East after boot camp with the Marines. He is smart, friendly, and ready to face this major challenge. He expects to be a sniper. While I hope his skills are not necessary, I am glad this young man is stepping up. Terrorism cannot be looked at from afar and ignored just because it isn't yet on our soil. He is not naive; he knows what he is getting into. Never caught his name but he's got my support.

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