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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowbound? Snow Way! Bounding Inside, Sans Snow - 4.01 Miles

4.01 miles run
1.00 miles walk warmdown

total: 5.01 miles

course: Cardinal Fitness Glen Ellyn

I wanted to do between 4-5 miles. Legalistically, I made. More importantly, I felt OK. Did some weights too. I've never grabbed on to weights, but sorely need more strength.

In the photo, you don't see the snow. There was plenty of it. Running buddy Amanda M. chastised me to run instead outside. It is relatively warm, and a legitimate question.

Accountability. That's why. While I know treadmill running is not a 1:1 ratio to outside running, I can see my time and pace to the second and 1/100 at any moment. I can fool myself on the trail, or just get so discouraged. On a treadmill, I can remind myself how far is left. I need this while building miles. I prefer to enjoy what running buddy Liz Flowers calls "a beautiful zen run" in the quiet of a snowy trail.

Hopefully I get back there Monday. The rest of today is meant to clean, and to host a small dinner party (eight people in all).

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