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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sandburg HS Boy Wins Footlocker XC Race

And not only did Lukas Verzbicas a sophomore kid from my neck of the woods (Sandburg High School, Orland Park, IL) blow out the competition (:15 ahead with a 15:08 50000 meters cross country, the girls race had a photo-finish. Megan Gothals of Rochester (Mich.) High won it is 17:07, with Chelsey Sveinsson of Dallas (Texas) Greenhill School finishing in second.

I ran regularly against Sandburg kids in my day. Then, they had two kids who could beat me. Lukas would have run circles around me, but I'd show him a race the first 800 meters. Until he dropped me dead on the field, that is.

As you read the story, you'll be reminded how gutting it out, no matter how much a lost cause the race seems, is sometimes worth it.

As for my own running exploits, they begin again tomorrow as I get over this week-long cold.

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