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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Misery Has No Time: 2.5 Miles of Timeless Agony

2.5 miles run (time: unknown)
0.25 hard walk

total: 2.75 miles

Wind: S at 21 mph
Humidity: 46%
course: neighborhood half mile loop

No clock on today's run. Presume slow. Why? Look at the dates of my posts. Not many workouts. My watch was hiding, and I left it hid.

Right out my door I have a half mile loop with minimal traffic. Given how little expected to run, it made little sense to drag myself to a running path or track. The journey would been longer than the run (though this run was long despite its length).

Each step was laborious, like slogging through sludge while wearing a backpack. Every part of me defied my kind request for movement. Wearing tights, running pants, and a t-shirt, mock tee, and a running jacket, all topped with a knit hat, I was hot. Not in a good way.

Tomorrow I'll do it again. Maybe farther. It will be more enjoyable soon.

I'm committed to run the 200-mile relay. We meet Sunday to talk about who gets which legs.

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