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Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Like May 2007 All Over Again

3.1 miles (29:45ish, 9:35/mile)
0.52 hard walk

total: 3.62 miles
course: COD fitness center treadmill

In May of 2007, I started running again. My body, not used to the pain of training. Now, with my workouts, if I can even call them that, having dwindled to a mere once a week, I am aching from last night's run.

I ran at 10:00 for maybe 1.5 miles, then eeked it up a notch or two, with a faster last 0.3/mile. Foolish at this point. I need to discipline myself to keep the same pace.

My mind wasn't on running, though. 22 students were shot at Northern Illinois University. Seven so far, from what I have heard, are dead. It was all over the news, on the TVs in the gym. For those of you who pray, this is as good of reason as any. With the Tinley Park murderer still at large, it is a strange place to live. My own residence is 45-60 minutes from each place.


Jill said...

So, are you gonna run again sometime soon? My winter running has been rather lackluster in terms of both quantity and quality, too. I've been reading your blog for several months, & I get chuckle out of seeing that someone else is a anal as I when recording the gory details of workouts. Anyway, unless you happen to be on your deathbed (and I hope not!), go run and write something about it already!

Resilient Hawk said...

You have no idea how much I thought about your post. I wanted to reply only once I had run again (pride talking there), but was not motivated.

Today, I donned the togs and hit the road. I'm officially part of a 12-man relay - 200 miles and am embarrassingly out of shape.

Worse yet, my running club meets Thursday (today is Tuesday) for some 800s and such that are bound to cause much foolishness.

So, lace up and run!