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Friday, January 4, 2008

Stuck Inside These Four Walls: Four Mile PR

1 mile wu (9:31)
3 miles (22:49 - 7:36/mile)
0.60 wd

total: 4.60 miles
course: Grainger treadmill

The math said it had to happen. Comparing my four mile time to my 5K time suggested I just had to try. Yesterday, I ran four in 32:42. Today, I decided, just for kicks, to beat my 32:24 record of October 8, 2007.

That is pretty much all there is to it. 32:20. And, once again, the first mile was a pedestrian 9:31. I think with a good warmup, brief rest, I can get a 29-something in. It will take better than 7:30 miles, but it also means something slower than what I can do for 3.1 miles. First is breaking 32:00.

Four miles seems to be a snug distance for my lunch hour. That, and a pulse lowering warmdown, and a shower, and my hour is up. I have been getting in early to allow a longer time, but I would prefer to keep everything tight. This will matter as my job gets busier later this month.

The next week, my work schedule will keep me hopping and I might not get in the quality workouts I need. My distance base is still hurting, and though I am getting in workouts, none have been especially long. My mileage the last two or three months overall has been weak, and I am again ramping up.

Miles By Month
May-07 -- 66.29
June-07 -- 96.80
July-07 -- 97.23
August-07 -- 102.85
September-07 -- 91.34
October-07 -- 73.86
November-07 -- 47.03
December-07 -- 66.81
January-08 -- 9.07

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