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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Speed On, Pacing Through Four Miles

1 mile wu (9:31)
3 miles (7:43/mile)
0.47 miles wd

total: 4.47 miles
course: Grainger treadmill

Tell the tale of the treadmill is hard. What is distinctive? Mileage. Speed. People. Location. How I feel.

Speed, then, was today’s difference. My four miles, which included a warm-up mile, were in 32:42, just off of my 32:26 record. It is time to shut the door on 32:00.

Mile one was a careful 9:31. Last night, I was not well, and awoke tired and drained. I set my mind on four miles. Time was also at issue, as I want to return to my desk within one our. This includes leaving my desk, walking there, changing clothes, and finishing with a shower.

Got the job done, and felt better for it.

The treadmill I wanted was taken, so I lost time fiddling with the machine, trying to figure how to get it going. Tomorrow, I hope to be at it again.

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