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Monday, January 21, 2008

Slowly I Stepped, Inch by Inch: Four Rockin' Miles

3.11 miles easy (under 9:00/mile)
0.89 miles even easier

Total: 4.0 miles
Course: Grainger treadmill

“Hold Your Head Up” sung by Argent caused me to smile a I ran for the first time with my iPod. Smiling because I thought of Coach Jim, calling across the Wheaton College football field as I turned the curve at the 100 meter mark. Another 400. Another. Another. Form waned as energy dwindled. “Look at the scoreboard.”

Holding good form when tired: an important discipline. Metaphor for life. Lose composure, and lose the race. Good form builds efficiency, which helps endurance and speed.

So now, the first time running in a couple of weeks. I decided ahead of time to stop at four miles, no matter how good I felt.

My left calf twitched during my warm down, confirming that longer isn't better.

Lee mentioned that our running club get together in March to run a 13.1 mile course he worked out. Having not run that far in a decade (much more, really, but a decade sounds like a long enough time), I am concerned I could not finish the distance. I will give it a go, and I last only 10 miles, so be it. I have two months to increase my miles.

In unrelated news, I am thoroughly impressed by Mr. Perngsa of Thailand.

Peng finishes marathon
Bangkok Post
RATCHABURI : Thailand's oldest runner, Peng Perngsa, 94, finished the Chom Bung mini-marathon in one hour, 20 minutes yesterday and vowed to run again in next year's event.

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