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Saturday, January 26, 2008

500 Calories - 5.04 Miles

4.0 miles run
1.04 miles hard walk

total: 5.04 miles
course: COD Fitness lab treadmill

I'm wobbly, out of shape, breathless. My gut is returning, my pulse rate is higher and my stress levels have increased. My Florida trip did wonders as far as whatever sunny days are good for.

My pulse was high as 198. I decided when I saw that to drop it down a notch.

iPodded the run, still a strange experience for me. My 'running songs' play list is not long enough: only 43 songs. Nice, but I'm not excited about some of the choices, or they are not as good for a run as I expected.

Jeanine was there moderating the lab. She apparently had a car accident and hurt her knee. Seemingly, not a big deal, but now, she's wobbly too.

Unrelated - two colleagues are running the Miami Half Marathon, shooting for 1:45 (just under 8:01/mile). To Cori and Lisa: press on! Your commitment to this race has been an inspiration to me.

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