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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Speed at the Sound of Light - 3.29 Miles of Spring

3.29 miles (28:57 - 8:48/mile)

total: 3.29 miles

Current: Clear
Wind: E at 0 mph
Humidity: 47%
course: COD Loop

Faster than expected. A sunny day, and birds chirping cheered me on.

The plan was 4.3 miles, but I felt listless and sluggish, with a dose of time management concerns. Dinner guest at 4:00 pm and there's house cleaning to be done.

I hoped to get done in 9-flats, so this was a pleasant reminder that I did do more in late winter than in 2008. Am I fit? Hardly, but I am feeling OK. A good sweat.

The weather looks sketchy this week, with warm, cold and rainy days ahead. The treadmill days are not over.

Below - a video any of you oldies will know. I hear this in my head when I'm on longer runs.

Speed Racer

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