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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting On with Getting Going: Four

4.0 miles run (35:04 - 8:49x2.5, 8:41x1, 8:34x0.5 - 8:46/mile)
0.60 miles hard walk warmdown

total: 4.6 miles
course: COD treadmill

Got in a little earlier, but not that elusive 6:00 am. I'm getting an efficiency system going - getting up, getting ready, getting out, getting going, and getting back.

Sped things up mildly as I went along.

My iPod continues to fascinate the mostly senior crowd at the fitness lab. The woman next to me suggested Zorba the Greek might be fun to run to. Any suggestions?


Resilient Hawk said...

I used to run at Trinity all the time. Used to train in the Trinity lawn as well back in the 1980s.

First job was dishwashing up the road at the now closed Dunlap's Restaurant.

Now, I do track workouts at Wheaton College's track with the Jim Spivey Running Club.

my JSRC workouts

See also Jim's site,

DCG said...

I Stumbled on your blog today. Kudos to embarking on a quest to break the elusive 20 minute barrior. A lifelong runner since 1980, I understand the effort and dedication such an endeavor demands. But, as the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, Nothing gained". Was wondering if you'd ever run on the track at Trinity Christian College. It's soft surface and gradual turns, make it ideal for we middle age runners. The key to your speed will be found on the track, and not on the treadmill.

DCG said...

In reminiscing, I too ran with Tony Hernandez. I ran cross country with him at St Xavier back in 1982. He was a rocket... Tony was a young man of slight stature. Craig O'conner and I used to chide him about his workout demeaner. When we were doing hard workouts, the only evidence of effort from Tony, was the small patch of sweat on his t-shirt located in his lower back. His face certainly never showed it.

Resilient Hawk said...

Hold on - you know Tony? Whatever happened to him after St. Xavs?

Craig O'Conner. Why do I know that name? Did he go Shepard or Marist?

Do you and I know each other, or my brother? Last name is Trendl.

He essentially taught me running. We were leagues apart in skill, but he we'd go to races and such together.

He lived down the street as kids -- used to hear him play a bad version of "Smoke on the Water."

As a seventh grader, he ran a 4:48/mile (or 1600m - not sure) and 2:01/800m.

Resilient Hawk said...

I won't be there tonight (too cold, too many work deadlines) but I should be running at the Wheaton track next Thursday night. See the workouts linked in my previous post - if it looks like it can fit, join us for a night as my guest. Wheaton College in the western burbs.

Jim's a good man, very easy to run under. He knows his stuff both as an athlete and as a coach. He'll let someone run two weeks just to check it out.