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Sunday, September 12, 2010

PADS RUN 2010 Pictures - 5K, 10K

I had a chance to snap a few pictures of the Wheaton, IL PADS 5K, 10K and walk. If any of these are you, and you would like the original, contact me. Likewise, if you are feeling bashful, drop me a line and I'll remove it. And, if you are here, and love it, please tell me so I can label the pictures.

A photographer for PADS was there with two very impressive cameras and 100x the skill, so check them out to see if they post theirs on the site. If you have some extra money, or are willing to skip a meal or two this week, you'll find a way to donate here.

Later this week, I'll report on my experience at the race, hopefully with an interview with a very cool high school coach who gets what really matters. Look here for the story next Friday.

Click pictures to see them bigger.

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