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Thursday, February 7, 2008

So This Is What It Comes To?

3.1 miles, alternating running and hard walking
0.4 miles wd
total: 3.5 miles

course: COD treadmill

Out of shape. I admit it. It was never supposed to come to this. In May, last year, I threw it all down: fitness, speed, endurance. Now, in cold of winter I have become what I dread: lazy.

Blame it on life. Excuses. The time was there. I chose not to sort my days to allow for it. When a couple were free, I let them slip away.

True, as it warms I expect to run more. A good run is just a door knob twist away.

Tonight's run: a little walking, a little hard running. Walking was 15:00/mile, and running was around 6:39 /mile. I needed the speed to keep me engaged.

Tired. Ate some leftover Chicken Paprikash, drank a lot of water, and now, tired, will rest.

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