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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three Accomplishments - 5.0 Miles

5.00 miles run 0.50 miles walk
total: 5.50 miles
course: home treadmill

A solid first run of the year. Much better start than last year. Then, not only did I run just a mile on New's Year's Day, I had run only one mile in all of the previous December. This last December, I ran 26.24 miles over 11 runs.

As I ran, I wondered about some stories I'm working on. A few are stuck, with problems I need to resolve. A few ideas were loosed up around mile three.

Accomplishment #1
Today, this first day of the year, finishes a rolling week with 15.373 miles run. I've not cleared 15 miles in a week (just counting running) since mid-November, 2010.
Accomplishment #2
With 5.0 miles today, I'm again, digging back to November 2010.

Accomplishment #3
I stuck at 10:00/mile the entire way. Slow? Hard to say. Two days ago, everything felt fast. The important thing is I kept it slow. My body is still getting into the most basic of shape. Just because a couple kinks are out does not mean I cannot be dreadfully foolish.

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