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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Faster Than Not Slow (with Rice) - 3.1 Miles

3.108 miles run (28:45 - 9:15/mile)
0.500 miles walk

total: 3.608 miles
course: home treadmill

Did not have much time to run tonight, and was full of Chinese food. That, and I still have a five mile run in my legs -- and I'll be adding one more day of runs to my week. Too many miles too soon is a bad thing in general, so this was win-win. And, I like faster more than slower.

My weight has yet to show movement. In fact, before the run, I weighed myself at 1.5 lbs higher than yesterday. The big lunch and not small dinner did not help. The treadmill thinks I burned 400 calories. I'll take it. I'll get there if I stay consistent (and persistent).

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