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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Four Laps Around the Treadmill (with a video involving an old gray mare and Beethoven

1.0 mile warmup
3.0 miles

total: 4.0 miles
course: COD treadmill

My warmup was unexpected. Nature called.

Four miles, ending around 9:45/mile, give or take.

All good? Not quite. Spoke with Jim today, who remarked four miles is too much at this time. Do two miles for now, he said. Sure, I'm surprised, but I'll go with it. Trust the coach.

When I asked him about total mileage, once I get going, he said 45 miles a week ought to be enough. Various theories exist regarding marathon training, and I'm personally in the long mileage camp, but, in turn, realize no injury and finishing is better than a fast first half marathon followed by limping through the next 13.1 miles. Jim reminded me I'm not 20.

Which is where the whole runner's dilemma starts. I'm not 20.

"The Old Grey Mare" Variations in the style of Beethoven

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