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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decided to Run a Marathon: Join My Exploits on Facebook

If you are running your first marathon, join me in my struggle in my Facebook "My First Marathon" group.

I thought I'd track my general progress there, and invite others to do likewise. I'll still publish my running exploits here, but that group will focus entire on the marathon.

I decided to run my first marathon. Where? I don't know. When? Maybe this fall (2009), but the real goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2010, and race Boston in 2011.

Can I do it? It will be close. I need to run under 3:21 (for my age group, according to Boston Marathon qualifying standards), and as of yet, I only have raced 5Ks. My best is 21:35, and should be a minute faster to correlate with a 3:21. Many miles, races and blisters are in front of me.

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