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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Man Runs 2:46 Marathon In Flip Flops (Keith Levasseur)

Man Runs 2:46 Marathon In Flip Flops

Really, Keith Levasseur did. For you non-runners, 2:46 is pretty fast. Though the top guys run around 2:04-2:07, this guy is still quick. He did this at the Baltimore Marathon. His PR is a healthy 2:38, meaning he was in range of his best run.

Me? I wear the ASICS 21 series (I wear last year's, but see the 2170s -- this year's model). And I've yet to run 26.2 miles. Gotta give him props on several levels.

As quickly as I do not recommend flip flops, there is always Abebe Bikila's story. He ran, and won, and set the World Record the 1960 Olypmics... barefoot.

Read Runner's World's take on this.

See my thoughts on minimalistic running.

1 comment:

Pete B said...

That's pretty incredible. My legs are still recovering from the marathon which was held over 10 days ago and I ran with regular running shoes (Mizunos). Anyway, that guy probably logged lots and lots of leg-punishing miles before the marathon. Wonder how his recovery is going? I think I would definitely have to up my mileage and train occasionally in flip flops and then I would only venture a 5k, and only if they were paying me!