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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Passing the Lovely Lake Foxcroft in 3.5 Miles

3.5 miles run
0.2 miles walk

total: 3.7 miles
course: Briarcliffe Loop

62°F | °C
Scattered Clouds
Wind: N at 13 mph
Humidity: 58%

Warm day in Chicagoland are growing rare.Our summer was dreadfully hot, but autumn is unpredictable. Today was much sunnier than the weather I posted.

The picture, not take today, is of a small lake -- more of a pond -- Lake Foxcroft. As a neighborhood park, backing up to Glen Ellyn, IL homes, plenty of families stop by for a quick walk, or weekend anglers look for dinner. I came across it around two thirds into my jog. (Read my thoughts before the run.)

As for the running, as I swing back into a routine, I found it more humid than I'm used to, and went slowly. No watch. Too early to care about time. No headphones. Too many interesting things to hear. No running tomorrow, but I'll be back at it Tuesday.

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Pete B said...

Nice pic. I don't wear headphones while running. Interesting things to hear including errant cars bearing down me on the running trail! How was Tuesday's run?

Anthony Trendl said...

I didn't take the pic. Google Streetview. In fact, I think it was a couple years old. Leaves are a little more yellow than as seen here.

It is strange seeing much of my running from a Streetview perspective.

Tuesday was strangely still sore. I walked 2.8 miles, pushing my 15-month old boy in a jogger stroller. Ran just 1.25 on Wednesday. I hope to get in a few today.

For longer runs, I sometimes like headphones -- they especially help on my treadmill. We have the Illinois Prairie Path out here -- no traffic, and more miles of it than you can run. Lots of marathon training groups come out (CARA, among others).