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Monday, January 21, 2013

The State of Fitness

It has been a strange road I have traveled as a runner. In shape, out of shape, in very good shape, on very poor shape. A lot of start-stop-starts.

I miss being in great shape.

As 2013 came forward, having dealt with some challenges that knocked me pretty hard, I decided to take a different approach. John "The Penguin" Bingham posted on Facebook his 100 Day Challenge. The gist, as I understand it, is to exercise 30 minutes a day for 100 days in a row. He defined what counted loosely, and offered that a person could break things into two halves of 15 minutes apiece. I decided to try this, unworried about workouts as a runner, and think entirely about mere exercise.

I started a day or two early, believing any good resolution starts the moment you realize its value. Officially, I am only counting from January 1, 2013. Day 100 will be April 10.

At first, I only walked, then mixed running and walking. My walking pace in at, or a little slower than, 15:00/mile. My running pace is usually 9-10:00/mile.

Today (Sunday, January 20) I was tired from previous days and so I just walked two miles. Since there are no rest days, I'll walk as many days as it takes to find fresh legs.

20 days -- one fifth of the challenge is complete. Harder days are ahead.

About all of this -- I am not weighing myself until April. I am not planning my workout, at least for now, taking each day as it comes, desiring only to complete 30 minutes.

While I am also not counting calories, I am trying not to eat until I'm full, and otherwise ignoring basic hunger if I have already eaten. And so on, about my diet. I'm eating a little less. Not much less.

100 days is a long time and know simply that if I eat less and am diligent about exercise, I will lose sometging by April.

I'm planning some races this spring. Maybe three or four 5ks. No expectations.


Pete B said...

Sounds like a good thing that you are taking it slowly and not over-doing the exercise. Also, I think your diet strategy is sound: Nothing radical, just cutting back here and there. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your progress.

Anthony Trendl said...

Thanks, Pete.

Better since I posted. Lost, think, eight pounds. Maybe 10-15 to go.

Getting as high as 27 miles in a week, as far as six miles. 85 miles January. Still notching away at it, but I've done something every day this year. Working out, but not yet in training mode.

Looking toward a local 5K or two in March just to see how things are.

How's winter turning out for you?

Pete B said...


I'm glad to hear you're making progress. I have been sidelined the last 2.5 weeks with an ankle injury. I've been working out in the pool and doing some yoga, but no running. I hope to be back at it soon then cram some quality miles in before Boston.

Anthony Trendl said...

Get Boston done, and then, after you find your legs again, let's go for a run.