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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mosop Wins Chicago Marathon

Mosop wins the Chicago Marathon in 2:05:37 (unofficial).

I signed up. I paid. I let things get in the way (including one 'thing' way more important, my newborn). But really, I have no excuses.

I have until late winter to decide for next year. My criteria will not be "I plan to get in racing shape," but to already be in some yet undetermined level of fitness and training.


Pete B said...

Good luck next year at the 2012 Chi Marathon. Crossing the starting line and running the streets with the cheering throngs, will be more than worth the effort put into training.

Tony said...

Signing up was easy. Staying focused to train through October was not. Things changed in life, and I did not regroup.

That said, I am determined to give it a go again, Pete, with full view of how easily I'm set off-track.

I admire anyone who finishes one of these.

How did you do?

Pete B said...

I did not run Chi, although I ran it last year. I am training for the NYC Marathon Nov 6th. I have been quasi-sidelined with a shin injury for the last 3 weeks. I am biking everyday and gradually easing the miles back in. I had an ambitious goal, but now my goal is just to run the marathon without worsening my injury (hope that it has mostly cleared up by then) and to enjoy the sights and the experience.