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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Foolish? No, Just Slow and Tired 2.00 Miles

2.00 miles run
0.25 miles walk

total: 2.25 miles
course: COD track

What was I thinking? I spent the weekend switching stuff from one room to the other, then, painting one of those rooms. I had help painting, but the ceiling was mostly my job. Michelangelo has more respect from me than ever.

My legs feel like Jello. My arm begs me for permission to fall off. All I could suffer through today were two very slow miles around College of DuPage's track. Another lap seemed to be a bad idea, so I walked a lap and licked my wounds.

These are the workouts, in a way, which matter most, the one which are more about mental focus than physical exertion. Back at it tomorrow, rested or not.

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