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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two Miles Around the Block

2.0 miles (16:52.84 8:26/mile)

total: 2.0 miles

Current: Cloudy
Wind: E at 0 mph
Humidity: 71%
course: neighborhood half mile loop

When a man steps out to workout after a long layoff, he cannot help be insecure. After all, he weighs more, and that added weight is not muscle or handy capillaries. No, no. It is pure fat, as if purity were the issue here. Solid fat? Hardly. That's a contradiction. Nothing solid about it. Just fat. It is heavy to cfarry, it heats up the body, and, the most important thing -- it does not help.

That's me, and more. An especially challenging week needed flushing out, and I have time today. No rain, not yet.

I tossed on my togs.

With my stiff neck, I wondered if I would last. My goal was a humble 15:00. I ran a little more.

My splits? I dare mention them. How did I speed up that much? I need to pace better.

0.50 - 4:28
1.00 - 8:50 (8:50)
1.50 - ?
2.00 - 16:52 (7:02)

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